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Prices & Dates co-operates with Tempest Tours who are one of the most well known, oldest and most professional tour companies arranging guided storm chasing tours. Apart from offering a great tour they are very good and highly dedicated at finding the right storms and allow you to experience them safely. They also employ some of the best guides in the business, such as the storm chasing legend Charles Doswell.

When you are considering going on a storm chasing tour, it is usually a good idea to book the tour well in advance. There are a limited amount of seats in the van and the most popular tours fill up quickly, often months in advance. The season for storm chasing takes place from April to June / July.

Below you will find a price table for the tours Tempest Tours are offering during the 2014 season. Included in these prices are the hotels used during the chase, gas, and your tour guide etc. Not included in these prices are your flights to the base city and any of your food. Please refer to Tempest Tours website for further details.

The prices in this table are for single rooms (if you share room, you will get a discount). Please note that some of these tours can be sold out without being marked as such in this particular table. Always check with Tempest Tours before you book your flight to the destination.

TourStart dateEnd dateChase daysPrice
Early April Tour2016-04-162016-04-248$ 2.895
Twister Outbreak Tour2016-04-252016-05-038$ 3.195
Marvelous May Tornado Tour2016-05-042016-05-1511$ 3.345
Tornado Bliss Tour2016-05-162016-05-2711$ 3.545
Memorial Week Tornado Tour2016-05-282016-06-047$ 2.745
Tornado Max Discovery Tour2016-06-062016-06-126$ 2.345
High Plains Tornado Tour2016-06-142016-06-2410$ 3.345
Mini Tour A2016-06-142016-06-184$ 1.495
Mini Tour B2016-06-192016-06-245$ 1.750
June Bliss Tornado Tour2016-06-252016-07-027$ 2.645
Denver Cyclone Tornado Tour2016-07-032016-07-096$ 2.095
July Twister Tour2016-07-102016-10-177$ 2.745

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I had an awesome time with Tempest. The staff is very helpful with the
booking process and all throughout the trip; tour director (Bill Reid)
and the drivers (Jen and Chris) have been extremely clear during their
weather briefing and explaining what was going on with the developing
weather in general.

- Alessandro V, UK

I chased two back-to-back tours with Tempest in 2013 and had a great time! Their skilled guides get you a ringside seat on the best storms, not to mention being helpful, funny, and great educators into the bargain. ‘Safety-first’ is no idle boast, and I was very impressed by their dedication to keeping me safe through all aspects of the chase.

- Tim G, UK