Storm Chasing – you won’t believe your eyes

This video is from YouTube and shows video clips from storms and tornadoes. It has not been filmed during an organised storm chasing tour but shows some of the rage Mother Nature can release and what you might experience during a tour.

Imagine one of those hot summer days. One of those days that ends with an amazing display of thunder and lightning in the afternoon. Are you the type of person that will stand in the window looking at it, amazed by the show?

Now, forget everything you know about the thunderstorms and lightning shows you have seen so far. What you would experience during a storm chasing tour is completely different. It is not about a bit of thunder of or a dozen lightning strikes before the thunderstorm evaporates 15 minutes later. Storm chasing is about those monster storms that haunt the US Midwest every spring and summer. It is about those long lived supercells that hover isolated over the green fields like spaceships dropping hail the size of oranges and producing tornadoes capable of lifting cars and houses from the ground.

A common denominator for the people that choose to go on storm chasing tours in the USA is the fascination of the incredible power that resides in the sea of air above us. And nowhere in the world is it as powerful as it is in the Midwest during spring and summer. These storms will produce things that will have you struggling to believe your eyes!

Storm chasing is all about experiencing these types of storms, at a safe distance. It is an adventure you will never ever forget. If you are the type of person who will watch a lightning show at home, you owe it to yourself to once try to experience the real deal, at least once in your life. This website is all about helping you take that first step.

What is storm chasing?

storm chasing van

Storm chasing is an amazing way of seeing Mother Nature in her worst mood. You team up with some of the world's best storm chasers in order to catch a glimpse of nature's most incredible views: tornadoes, super cells, hail etc. Read more

Why go storm chasing?

supercell mothership

Storm chasing is about seeing nature in a way you have never seen her before. Have a look here at our catalogue of photos and videos and see why. Read more.

Experience the thrill

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You have the chance to experience this for yourself; it's all up to you! Reserve a seat in an upcoming tour and prepare for an adventure. Read more.


I had an awesome time with Tempest. The staff is very helpful with the
booking process and all throughout the trip; tour director (Bill Reid)
and the drivers (Jen and Chris) have been extremely clear during their
weather briefing and explaining what was going on with the developing
weather in general.

- Alessandro V, UK

I chased two back-to-back tours with Tempest in 2013 and had a great time! Their skilled guides get you a ringside seat on the best storms, not to mention being helpful, funny, and great educators into the bargain. ‘Safety-first’ is no idle boast, and I was very impressed by their dedication to keeping me safe through all aspects of the chase.

- Tim G, UK

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