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Christoffer Bjö is about inspiring people about storm chasing and to promote storm chasing tours, especially for europeans. The website is run by the Swedish company Storm Chasing Sweden and is made in co-operation with the US storm chasing company Tempest Tours. The person behind this website is me, Christoffer Björkwall. I am a Swedish storm chaser and web developer. Outside of this website, I have also created

If you have any questions concering this website or storm chasing itself, I am happy to answer questions at If you have questions regarding specific tours, prices, availibility etc please contact Tempest Tours directly. Tempest Tours





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I had an awesome time with Tempest. The staff is very helpful with the
booking process and all throughout the trip; tour director (Bill Reid)
and the drivers (Jen and Chris) have been extremely clear during their
weather briefing and explaining what was going on with the developing
weather in general.

- Alessandro V, UK

I chased two back-to-back tours with Tempest in 2013 and had a great time! Their skilled guides get you a ringside seat on the best storms, not to mention being helpful, funny, and great educators into the bargain. ‘Safety-first’ is no idle boast, and I was very impressed by their dedication to keeping me safe through all aspects of the chase.

- Tim G, UK